About Us


PICogeneration began with energy and has grown into a synergy site. Come have a look around and see what you can find of interest. As professionals, we work hard to stay at the edge of effective technologies and like to consider technology from a perspective of sustainability and wellness. We also strive to achieve a balance by fostering an appreciation of the arts.

Recently, several friends expressed concerns about burglaries in their neighbourhoods. We wondered if there was something we could do. Information technology, energy, entertainment and security have been mainstays of our business. We went out to more friends and found some great ideas. Now we are putting them into practice.

Call or text (780) 802-6602 for information about getting yourself a new and improved doorbell. You can protect your family and home with a simple, inexpensive 21st century doorbell. Today, you can stop property crimes in your community as well as increase your family’s safety and convenience.

All day, every day a smart doorbell can be working for you. If you can answer your phone, you can answer the person at your door. But it gets better. Even before thieves ring the doorbell to see if someone is home, you have captured their picture. You can choose to say hello while they are still casing the property. The smart doorbell has motion detection with audio and visual capabilities. Day and night, from anywhere in the world you can see what is happening outside your doors.

Of course, not everyone who comes to your door is a burglar and you can think of many other safety and convenience uses for a smart doorbell.

    Delivery at the door but you are out. No problem, you can talk through the doorbell and see that the delivery is handled as you asked.
    Stranger at the door but you are in the backyard. No problem, you can talk through the doorbell and see what is going on before you head to the door.
    Your mother is ill. She can see and talk to visitors at the door without leaving her bed.
    Your reception area at work is sometimes unmanned. No problem, staff can see and talk to the people in the foyer.

These are just a few of the scenarios friends have passed along since they started using their smart doorbells.

Installation is fast. There is a one time cost and then monitoring your home is FREE. Call or text (780) 802-6602 today!