Preparing for the Olympic football test

The next test for the Olympic-bound Women’s National Team is the Cyprus Cup. They are hoping to take home the Cup for the third consecutive time. This is a FIFA event and will see the Canadian national soccer team tested by European teams. The Canadian team has been practicing in the last week as well as evaluating some additional talent after the qualifying CONCACAF tournament held earlier this year in Vancouver.
The team was full for the Vancouver contests with wins over Haiti, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They fell short in the final against the Americans. And now the real work begins as the dream match-up at this year’s Olympics would be a gold medal game against the Americans in London. The team has been working very hard to out-perform their seventh place ranking.
Next week’s tournament will give the Canadians another test. On February 28, they face Scotland ranked twenty second. Eleventh ranked Italy should prove to be a tougher challenge on March 1. On March 4, fourteenth ranked Netherlands should also be tough on the pitch. The toughest match should take place on March 31 against fifth place Sweden. A long time to be on the road but the team expects these tests and the intervening practive time will help with their preparations. The local TV programming has already lost its lustre. Perhaps supporters of the national team could send some DVDs to help the team relax in their off-hours.