Waiting for Captain Colxico

Four hours before her alarm was scheduled to go off, Lilia woke to the announcement that the ship Proferia was docking. She was advised to strap in so that an unexpected movement would not cause her an injury. With a chuckle, she thought about her father’s ship and his yelling if they were free-boarding into a dock.
“Oh well, we survive our childhood so that we can impose improvements on our children. My children will always strap in before docking,” she said to herself.
When she was strapped in, she tilted the chair and scanned the ship’s readings at the screen on the wall. She opened her room door to check on any activity in the corridor. There was a slight delay in the door opening that irritated her. She expected that someone had been outside the door but after waiting for a few moments, hearing and seeing nothing reassured her. She returned to look at the ship’s readings. Her readings were on the screen as well and she recognised some telltale markers that she was still half asleep. She stretched as best she could in the chair. Pulling her knees up to her chin felt so good.
She felt a little bump that ran through Proferia as it’s inertia was transferred to the great ship Anifkol. She released the tension in her shoulders, allowed herself to wriggle in the chair, and after unstrapping, went through her waking routine. She rolled every muscle from her toes to her fingertips until she was standing tall, then bending and rolling down to the floor. Nothing was happening in the corridor so she shut it, stripped and had a shower. She finished her morning routine by zipping into her travelling clothes and finished packing up. With a last look around to be sure she had everything, she went into the corridor with the pack-bag over her shoulder.
Stepping on the Anifkol concourse, she immediately heard her name from a screen on the wall. She walked up to it and tapped in to see the message. On the screen was directions to a hotel entrance just a few steps away. She went in and up to the room assigned to her. She unpacked, flipped back the covers, and went back to sleep.
After another shower, she dressed, put together a few things in a shoulder bag and headed out for breakfast. Just as she turned to leave, there was a knock at the door. She gave the open code and a young woman was standing there with a plate of food.
“Good day Lilia. My name is Grahis. Here is your complimentary breakfast. Please get comfortable and enjoy the day. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
“Thank you, Grahis. I am meeting Captain Colxico here. What room is he in?”
“I am advised that Captain Colxico has not checked in yet. I will send you a message when he arrives. Is there anything else?”
“Thank you, no. Thank you for the breakfast. I guess I will see you later.”
“Yes, Lilia. Have a great day.”
“Thank you, I will.”
Grahis made a final look around and left the room.

Serial story by Sylva Richmond
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