Sometimes We Help Ourselves

Taking a seat down the wardroom table, anthropology department head Aidryought said, “Captain, Poadayov indicates we should wake Roycara.”
“Really, what indicators were triggered?” replied the fleet captain. Poadayov designated the fleet, its resources, and his family. The captain received briefs on shipborn in cryogenesis and the situations in which they woke. Roycara was expected.
“Why wake Roycara now?” responded his executive officer, “The department has been making the measurements required by the Roycara contracting.” As the captain nodded in agreement, she continued, “The key indicators, in my opinion, are that the fleet arrived in the system forty-eight years ago, we accommodated the terraformers left by previous fleets, reactivated the great ships and their crews, reactivated the rest of the ships and their crews, all are under your orders.”
The captain shook his head, “Surely there is something about our situation…”
“Yes, sir. You were born into the out-system population and seen the changes. As the crew woke in-system and began to have children, the out-system population has aged and passed on. The demographics are important indicators in the Roycara contracting. In particular, the activities on off-shifts are causing some concern. Other indicators include the number of psychopaths and their interactions in the population. There are violence measures that we have been tracking and a change in the nature of addictions.”
“And this is the situation that Roycara wants to be part of?”
“I am sure we will have more information after waking, but Roycara wakes about this time each time the fleet is in-system. An in-system adviser only and this is the eighth waking.”
“Fine, reporting as an advisor to you, wake Roycara, with family and staff,” almost offhanded, as his interest waned. “Anything else of note?”
“My reports are on file, captain. There are no other milestones for this shift.”
“Good, good. Thank you.”
“Have a good shift, sir.”
“And you too, Aidry.”

Over the next few shifts, Roycara woke along with her family and staff. Aidry was surprised when Roycara woke as an athletic, mature female. Most advisors who travelled from system to system were lean, young males or females who threw themselves into activities as soon as rejuvenation allowed. Roycara was a physical specimen who did all that was required for her rejuvenation but otherwise observed what was happening. She was almost contemplative. Her staff were several dozen youngsters and she had a mate.
At the first orientation meeting, Aidry asked how the rejuvenation was going.
Roycara replied, “The rejuvenation and waking are completed. I am ready to get to work. According to my contract, the anthropology department has reached several markers, is that right?”

Serial story by Sylva Richmond
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