There is an Answer

Looking across the breakfast table, Richard said,”I would like to get our own table at the first of the week, Nancy. We have to get moving earlier.”
Nancy sighed,”The elevator took forever this morning. We were first in line for the car, in line before there was space for us to come down. It seems everyone is getting up a little earlier every day.”
“Well, we have to wake a little earlier then.”
“We have had our own place for long enough to have a ticketed breakfast. We have been on the list since we got married. I thought the time we selected the public sleeping tubes gave us extra credit.”
“Yes honey, you are right. It put us in the first hundred. You know we have been rescheduled twice but at least we are still in the top five hundred.”
“Well, enough of this slop then. We can get to work early and get my face in a few more spots to get some more credit to move back up.”
“Eat your breakfast love. When you skip a meal, you just have a snack later and that drops our credits.”
“Okay, I know, follow the plan, every credit counts. There are probably a handful of screens within this room with that message.”
“Yes, Nancy. Practice what you preach.”
“Well sometimes I am tired of preaching and I am always tired of practising.”
“We are not the first shipborn to be in this position and we will not be the last.”
The shipborn were on a migration through the galaxy that began a million years ago and would continue for a billion more. Millions of ships were in the endless caravan of fleets that moved from system to system. From time to time a fleet had resource issues. Not enough ships for too many shipborn was an issue.
While in a system, the fleet ship broke out into great ships that supported individual ships. The fleet might spend lifetimes in a system but a time would come when they must leave for the next system. Another fleet would be coming and the fleet captains would discuss fight or flight options. They knew both options were possible but they also knew the options had been played out countless times. Aggression would favour the fleet that protected its possessions but only once. The next fleet would know about the deception and arrive with the intention of obliterating the abomination, the shipborn in a system they were unwilling to leave. While in a system, the Odrygyec fleet reached the point where there were more shipborn than could be sustained by the system. Hard decisions were ahead.

Serial story by Sylva Richmond
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Please enjoy this story of the fleet Odrygyec and a brief part of the unfolding shipborn and planetbound universe.
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