Inventions that make the heart beat faster

Organised by The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) the 2018 edition marks the history of the patent registration and the invention patent presentation for the Low-Speed Surface Aerator aka the Chaipattana Aerator to His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.“This year, the NRCT is organising an event on the theme “Flea Market Open the World of Research”, which presents inventions and innovations that are ready to be utilized, while also showcasing the progress and development of others,” says NRCT’s secretary-general Professor Sirirurg Songsivilai.“More than 1,000 inventions and research works are being exhibited including the entries to the international contest of inventions, and the inventions by high school students from various schools across the country in the fields of agriculture (82 works), society and local wisdom (22 works), energy, resources and environment (104 works), and products to assist the elderly, the disabled, and underprivileged (36 works). We will also showing the works of new inventors from vocational schools and universities across the country, including those related to security (8 works), for society and local wisdom (17 works), for agriculture (21 works), for medical and public health (34 works), and for energy, resources, and environment (23 works). Academic seminars will also be held covering various topics such as packaging design and development, and techniques to create differentiation.”

Source: Inventions that make the heart beat faster